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When you are hurt in a car accident your life changes in an instant. For me I had no idea how to proceed once my doctor told me I should get legal counsel. I was in pain and felt overwhelmed by the idea of hiring a lawyer. I knew a lawyer who I respected and thought very highly of. Her name is Mafalda De Simone. I knew she was a criminal defense lawyer and I called her to see if she could refer me to a personal injury lawyer. She said she works with one and his name is John Chistolini. The very first time I met with John about the car accident I felt comfortable and knew he would be able to help me. He spent a lot of time on my case, and always let me know how important it was to him for me to get better. I had to call him many times and never did he act like I was being a bother. He always called me back promptly. He taught me what I needed to know to get throughout the whole process, successfully I might add. He was always very well prepared and organized for what ever task we went through. The settlement he got for me made it possible for my husband and I to pay off our house. No more monthly payments. Since the settlement of my case I have had to file for Social Security Disability. Because of what John taught me about the importance of detailed descriptions in reference to my medical condition I was able to apply and was approved in two months. John Chistolini made a positive impact in my life and that is something I will always be grateful for. He sure knows how to represent someone who has been injured and worked very hard for me. I respect him and recommend him highly.

- Forever thank-full, Susan Trahan Lynn, MA

My family and I would just like to thank John Chistolini and his staff for being professional, kind, and representing me well. As you know, after being bit by a dog I was left with tremendous scarring and a skin disease. Being a minor my mother had to represent me. This was our first experience with a law office. So, being depositioned was scary for both of us but John prepared us well. John treated us more like friends than clients. He always had our best interests in mind which helped us get through the long process and we respected his judgment. Even though I would've loved to have gone to trial I'm happy with the settlement John got us which was more than we were hoping for. Now I know if I ever have problems with my skin in the future I will be able to take care of it. John let my parents breathe a sigh of relief because they now know when they're gone I will be able to continue any treatments needed. John was more of a mentor to me than a lawyer. He understood why I was self conscious and how the scar affected me. I respect John for his work and my family and I can't thank him enough.

- Kylie DeGust, Marshfield, MA

I was so impressed by your Law Firm and the way you handled my case. What impressed me the most was that you advised me to refuse the last and final offer of the Insurance Company and to take my case to Trial. Not only was I happy with my decision to follow your advise, but I am convinced that the amount of time you and your firm spent preparing me and other witnesses was why we won at trial.

- Paul Hansbury, Stoughton, MA

Thank you for everything you did when I was struck in the crosswalk. As you know, at my age, suffering a broken hip was quite debilitating. You and your entire staff were a pleasure to work with. My questions were always answered and you promptly returned all of my calls. The settlement that you obtained for me was beyond my highest expectations.

- Susan Bruce, Quincy, MA

I just want to thank you and your entire staff for working on my daughter’s case. As you know, my daughter suffered significant scarring when she was bitten by a dog. On behalf of my daughter, your thoroughness, professionalism and expertise will never be forgotten. I now know that the structured settlement that you put in place will ensure that my daughter has adequate funding for years to come. You were my first experience working with an attorney regarding injury to my child. You made the entire process less stressful. Not only were we lucky to have you representing my daughter, but all your clients are fortunate to benefit from your professionalism and knowledge.

- Brian McGrae, Quincy, MA

My case was extremely difficult. The other driver’s insurance company initially denied my claim. I was so pleased that I contacted your firm because it was only through your efforts that I was able to obtain a fair settlement for the injuries I sustained. I think what impressed me the most was how you prepared me for my deposition. Your thoroughness, expertise and guidance helped achieved the initial settlement from the driver who hit me. I never knew that I could also bring a claim against my own insurance company as a result of the serious injuries I had sustained. Everybody should know about your firm and how fantastic you and your entire staff are.

- John Montecalvo, Lynn, MA

As you know it was my sister who you had previously represented that suggested that I contact you after I had tripped on a walkway at a store in Hyannis. I was out of work for an extended period of time due to my fracture ankle. Your firm’s efforts resulted in an extremely fair settlement. I had never attended a mediation. I was impressed when the mediator commented on how well prepared you were and the sophistication of the computers presentation that your office prepared for the Mediator.

- Jeannine Comoli, Hyannis, MA

What a positive experience it was working with you on my auto accident. As you know, being injured and out of work is not an easy thing to undergo. But you and your entire staff has helped every step of the way. I was impressed with the settlement that you were obtained for me. Your firm is the best.

- Michael Hennessey, Hyde Park, MA

As you know, my entire family was in our van when it was broad sided. I want everyone to know what a fantastic job you and your firm did for our entire family. Your patience, guidance and professionalism were incredible. I really appreciate all the time you took to explain to us each step of the process. I know that without your involvement , I never would have received the compensation that you ultimately obtained for us.

- Annette Livesey, Holbrook, MA

I am happy to provide this testimonial for your Law Office. When I was in my accident, I had to be removed from the vehicle with “the jaws of life”. My vehicle was totally destroyed. I felt my life had been destroyed. It took months and months of medical treatment before I could even think about returning to work. Your guidance, support and expertise was the key factor in why I was able to get through this most difficulty time in my life. The Settlement that you obtained for me was more than anyone could have expected.

- Donna Long, Marshfield, MA

I want to thank you and your entire staff concerning the automobile accident that I was in. I never realize that I could also pursue a claim against my own insurance company. I learned so much from your firm about the process. As you know I was injured during work and worker’s compensation had to be factored into my settlement. You guys did an incredible job. Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf. I would recommend your firm to anyone.

- Christine Cooke, Wrentham, MA

If we do not obtain a monetary award for our client we do not charge any fee.
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