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If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another you need the immediate assistance of a personal injury attorney. The attorneys at Chistolini and DeSimone are familiar with insurance companies and have the experience to protect your rights.

The sooner you call the Law Office of Chistolini and DeSimone, the sooner our lawyers and investigators can work on your behalf. Your personal injury case becomes weaker the longer you wait.

Litigation & Appeals

Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers. If you worry that you might become involved in a lawsuit, call 617-984-0021 for a free consultation or complete the free Case Consultation Form.

Chistolini and DeSimone Law Firm can also advise you how to resolve disputes without a lawsuit and how to protect your interests.

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If we do not obtain a monetary award for our client we do not charge any fee.
Please call for a free consultation on any legal issue you may have concerning your injury.

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